Opinion | How Much Is the Health of Biden and Trump Our Business?

As the 2020 presidential election looms closer, the health of both candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, has come under intense scrutiny. With Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19 and Biden facing questions about his cognitive abilities, many Americans are left wondering just how much the health of these two individuals should factor into their decision at the polls.

On one hand, the health of a presidential candidate is undeniably important. The president of the United States holds one of the most stressful and demanding jobs in the world, and it is crucial that they are physically and mentally capable of handling the responsibilities that come with the position. A candidate who is in poor health may struggle to effectively lead the country and make important decisions that impact the lives of millions of Americans.

In the case of Trump, his recent battle with COVID-19 has raised serious concerns about his ability to govern effectively. The president’s diagnosis has led to speculation about his overall health and whether he is fit to continue serving as the leader of the country. Trump’s age and weight also put him at higher risk for complications from the virus, further highlighting the importance of his health in the context of his presidency.

Similarly, Biden’s cognitive abilities have also been called into question, with some critics suggesting that he may be experiencing cognitive decline. While Biden has released a doctor’s report stating that he is in good health, some voters remain skeptical about his ability to lead effectively if elected. The demands of the presidency require a sharp mind and quick decision-making skills, and voters have a right to know if a candidate is up to the task.

However, there is also a fine line between legitimate concerns about a candidate’s health and using their health as a political weapon. In the case of Trump, some critics have been quick to use his COVID-19 diagnosis as a way to attack his presidency, rather than focusing on his policies and actions. Similarly, questions about Biden’s cognitive abilities have been used to discredit him as a candidate, rather than engaging in a substantive debate about his platform and vision for the country.

Ultimately, the health of Biden and Trump is a legitimate concern for voters, but it should not be the sole factor in deciding who to support in the upcoming election. Voters should consider a candidate’s policies, values, and leadership qualities when making their decision, rather than getting caught up in speculation about their health. It is important to remember that the president is not just a figurehead, but a leader who will shape the future of the country for years to come. As such, it is crucial that voters look beyond the health of the candidates and consider the bigger picture when casting their vote.